The Summer Shark Attack Movie

Horror, comdey, drama

Directed by Sean Breslin
Produced by *Greg A. Hampson
Written by *Sean Breslin
Based on

Cunningham The Series created by Sean Breslin

Starring *Max Sakin                                Sean Breslin                           Olivia Rohde                           Sabryna Nunez                        Candice Jimenez             Nicole Lorubbio               Greg Auteri            
Editing by Sean Breslin
Country United States
Language English
Original channel Youtube
Season *
Episode N/A

The Summer Shark Attack Movie is a horror-comedy-drama film based on Cunningham The Series. It is also based on the film Shark Night 3D with many of the same plot elements. The film is the only special to not count as an episode. Each main cast memeber is eaten and killed by sharks.


  • Max- the main protagonist
  • Sabryna- the main antagonist
  • Sean- the secondary antagonist
  • Greg- the tertiary antagonist
  • Nicole- one of the final dead
  • Olivia- one of the last dead
  • Candice- a scientist who helps out the gang.
  • Steven- a victim
  • Jordan
  • Melissa
  • Emily


While at a lakehouse the gang are attacked by sharks and the call in an expert to help out. Sabryna, Sean and Greg reveal they are responsible for all the chaos.