The Students Return:

Max vs. Brian

Genre Fantasycomedy-drama
Directed by Sean Breslin
Produced by Sean Breslin
Written by Sean Breslin

Max Sakin

Steven Salvatore

Sean Breslin

Emily Caroleo

Editing by Sean Breslin
Country United States
Language English
Original channel Cunningham
Running time Double Length

The Students Return: Max Vs Brian is a fantasy-drama-comedy movie based on the series Cunningham. It is a reunion and the full cast returned. The reunion takes place a year after the special series finale and tells how Max has lost touch with the gang and needs them to save the world. It is a sequel to School Of The Future and is the third installment in the Future series.


Jordan invites everyone to Italy and everyone excepts. Max, ean and Greg take the transporter and run into Future Brian. After a short fight the three make it to Italy but Brian follows them and wants his evil plans to happen in Italy. Now the whole world is at risk and its up to the gang to stop him. Meanwhile, Olivia writes the last issue of fruits. Sean and Greg work on a science project. The others go to a football game in Italy.


  • Sean is the main anatgonist.
  • Brian is the secondary anatgonist but at first is a false main antagonist.
  • This is the third time Sean is a main antagonist with the first two being Sky Junior High and Back To The Future.
  • This is the 8th appearence of Brian since his departure in Farewell Brian.
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    Logo Of The Special

  • This is a double length special.
  • This was originally titled The Junior High Reunion.
  • The gang travel to Italy where Jordan is. Brian follows them and tries to continue his plans from Back To The Future.
  • This is the first time two double length specials have been back to back.
  • The gang travel to the future for the third time.
  • This is the second sequel to "School Of The Future"