The Gang
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Genre Teen sitcom
Created by Sean Breslin
  • Sean Breslin
  • Sabryna Nunez
  • Max Sakin
  • Melissa Gonzalez
Theme music composer Michael Corcoran
Opening theme "Just Fine", performed by Michael Corcoran
Country of origin United States
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No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes

The Gang is an upcoming spin-off series following Cunningham. The series follows Sean Breslin as he moves into a new apartment with his best friends Max Sakin, Sabryna Nunez and Melissa Gonzalez and they all get jobs. The series is part of the shared fictional universe of the Cunningham series. This show was originally the only spin-off but soon after the series was the first of the new franchise.

The pilot episode The Gang Reunite! was a special episode with many appearences by the old cast members including Olivia Rohde, Greg Auteri and Nicole Lorubbio. The episode will be the first of a 20 episode season.

Return 2 Cunningham a special 3 part event will combine the three spin-offs for a crossover episode.


  • Sean Breslin: Sean stars as the main character. He is very stupid and can say weird things at times. He works at Apple and is really good with computers.
  • Sabryna Nunez: Sabryna is the sweeet nice girl who gets away with anything she wants. She pulls pranks on the guys. She works at Freedom.
  • Max Sakin: Max is the best friend of Sean. Max starred in the parent series. Max works at a pet shop near Apple and he usually loses the animals. 
  • Melissa Gonzalez: Sabryna's best friend. She works at Freedom with Sabryna and they usually shop their as well.