Talented Cunningham
Season 2, Episode 4
Code 304
Episode 29
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Japanese Adventure"


"Fishy Want A Cracker"

Talented Cunningham is the fourth episode of the second season. It is the 29th overall and continuation of Japanese Adventure. The episode revolves around Olivia trying to get Sabryna to come home and do the talent show with her.


The talent show is here and Olivia needs to find a way to convince Sabryna to get home and do the talent show with her when Sabryna is sent to NYC. The meeting for the new movie is at the same time and she can't miss it. Meanwhile, the gang must find their own talents.


  • This is techinally a 4th part of Japanese Adventure.
  • Sabryna is a guest star in the episode and left the cast in the previous episode. Sabryna does not appear in the opening and makes multiple cameos in the episode.
  • Olivia and Sabryna perform in the talent show.