Sky Junior High
Season 2, Episode 10
Code 309/310
Episode 35
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Monica & Brad"


"School Of The Future"

Sky Junior High is the tenth episode of the second season and 35th overall. The episode was written before School Of Bad Luck and Monica & Brad but the order of airing has been changed. The episode title is a reference to the film Sky High.


Ratboy, Bubbleboy and Pinkpony set out to stop the evil Joker from taking over the city and killing many people.


  • Emily makes a cameo as a cashier.
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    Logo For The Special

    The episode is the second and final double length special.
  • The episode is not real.
  • The episode was originally written as regular episode.
  • Ratboy is a reference to Batman.
  • The episode was promoted as Super School.