Main Cast Member Seasons 1-3
First Appearence: The First Day Of School
Last Appearence:
Number Of Appearences:
Episodes Named After Sean:

Sean Gets Schooled

Sean Vs Max

Sean Goes To Jail

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Sean is a main cast memeber on Cunningham and ocassional antagonist. He first appeared in the pilot episode alongside Max and Steven as the three main protagonists. In multiple episodes he is a main antagonist including Sky Junior High, Back To The Future and The Students Return. Sean is set to leave the main cast in the episode Jordan Gets Even and return in Cunningham Will Recover (the season 3 premiere). He is set to star as the main charecter in the spin-off series The Gang.

Relationships With OthersEdit


Sean and Max are best friends from PS222 that come to Cunningham with Steven. Sean and Max fight in School Of The Future and don't talk until Back To The Future. After that they are friends again with the occassional fight. They are set to appear in the upcoming spin-off The Gang.


Sean and Steven fight a lot and they fight in the episode Jordeve when Sean spies on his date and Back To The Future.

Olivia, Nicole, Sabryna, Emily, Jordan, MelissaEdit

They all hang out a lot and are best friends. They do a lot together.