Number Of Appearences 81
First Appearence

The First Day Of School

Last Appearence

The Students Return: Reunion

Episodes Named After Jordan

Nicole Loses Jordan

Nicole is a main charecter in Cunningham and one of the charecters to appear in every episode. Nicole is the sister of Jordan and may be twins and that will be revealed in Are We Twins? Nicole cares about her sister but is sometimes jealous of her.

Relationships With OtherEdit


Nicole and Sean hang out a lot and especially in the episodes Jordeve and Jordan Finds Out when they spy on Jordan and Steven when they go on their dates. The two were mistaken for dating by Jordan. 

Max, Steven, Emily, Sabryna, MelissaEdit

They are friends with Nicole hang out a lot and do many things together.


The two are best friends and in The Goodbye? could not stand see the other go. They never fight and are always hanging out together. In an early script for The Last Day Of School Nicole must choose between Olivia or her dream school. 


Jordan and Nicole are wonderful sisters but they fight sometimes. In After The Kiss they fight about privacy when Sean and Nicole spy on Jordeve's first date. They fight about special traetment.