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The First Day Of School

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Sean Vs Max

Max is the main protagonist of "Cunningham" Max first aappeared in First Day Of School where he joins Cunningham with Sean and Steven. He has appeared in all the episodes of the series and the reunion special after the series finale. He is currently dating Emily. He is set to co-star in the upcoming spin-off The Gang.

Relationships With OthersEdit


Steven and Max have gotten along well excluding te series premiere where Steven made Max get food poisioning. The two have been best friends even before the series and both came from the same school. The two have never really agrued.


Main Article: EmilaxEdit

Emily did not have much interaction with Max up until the Jordeve episode After The Kiss. They kiss while playing truth or dare and their relationship changes. They decide to be friends in The Break-up? and put it to the side. In Back To The Future Emily admits to still have feelings for him and so does he. In Sean Goes Jail they offically become a couple when Emily decides to live her dreams of touring with Justin Biber. In Jordan Finds Out they go on their first date.

Nicole, Sabryna, Melissa, Jordan, OliviaEdit

The five girls never have conflicts with Max. They usually hang out together and do things as a group.


Sean and Max have been friends for a long time and they fight a lot in the series. In the episode Back To The Future the two fight when Max leaves Sean in the future and won't help him stop Brian. This began the Sean Vs Max arc. and continued into Sean Vs Max where the fight for a spot on the hockey team. They did not talk for the rest of the episodes up until Back To The Future where Sean travels Back To The Future to save Max, Steven and his friendship. They are set to appear in the upcoming spin-off The Gang.