Japanese Adventure
Season 2, Episode 1-3
Code 301-303
Episode 26-28
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
Episode Guide

"So Much Work"


"Talented Cunningham"

Japanese Adventure is the Season 2 premiere of Cunningham and three-part special. It is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd episodes of the season. The episode revolves around Sabryna being discovered in Japan.


Part 1Edit

Olivia and Nicole end up in Japan when they take the wrong plane to Nicole's grandma. The gang head to Japan to help and Nicole discovers Sabryna's drawing talents. Sabryna decides to send in her drawings since Japan is a huge place for animation. Sean, Steven and Max go to sushi land. The girls all meet Ling-Chung. Sabryna is offered a job with an animation company.

Part 2Edit

Sabryna's birthday becomes emotional when AJ comes to Japan to say goodbye. Sabryna doesn't know what to do and must decide between Cunningham or Japan. Sean gets sick when he eats bad sushi. The girls go touring Japan with Ling-Chung.

Part 3Edit

Sabryna says goodbye to everyone and leaves so she can move in to her new home. Ling-Chung has a hard time saying goodbye to the girls. The guys still are trying to get Sean to recover from his food poisioning.