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Fired! is a two-part episode of Cunninghambeginning in the season two finale and ending in the season three premiere. The second part saw the return of Sean who left in Jordan Gets Even and rejoined. The two episodes are titled Cunningham Fired! and Cunningham Will Recover.

This School Is On FireEdit

Melissa and Sabryna's big fashion show is here and everyone is very excited. Max and Emily are working on their volcano for the fair and everyone is still working on it. During the show the volcano gets a weird reaction and sets the school on fire injuring hundreds of people.

Faherenheit 234Edit

After the fire the gang are hurt badly and some are still recovering in the hospital and the school has been destroyed. Sean travels to NYC to visit the gang.


  • In part 1 Sean is absent for the only time.
  • Part 1's title is a reference to the song This Girl Is On Fire.
  • Part 2's title is a reference to the book Faherenheit 451.
  • Brian appears in part 1.
  • Brian is responsible for the fire.