Farewell Brian
Season 1, Episode 17
Code 210
Episode 17
Writer(s) Sean Breslin
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"Mission Impossible; Theater Patrol"


"Long Lost Sister"

Farewell Brian is the 17th episode of Cunningham. It features the departure of Brian. The episode was originally titled The Homecoming.


Brian reveals he is moving away the same day as the homecoming and the gang throw a farewell party without him. Nicole and Sabryna search for dates. Sean and Brian say farewell.


  • This is the final time Brian is in the main cast. He returns as a main anatgonist/ guest star in School Of The Future Parts 1-2, Cunningham Goes Hollywood, Back To The Future, This School Is On Fire and The Students Return: Max Vs Brian.
  • This was originally titled The Homecoming.
  • This episode ends with an open ending that is never resumed.
  • This episode was written after the next.
  • The opening for the special is changed and shortened.
  • The special is one of the few episodes where the full cast appeared.
  • Emily returns after 4 absences in a row.
  • This takes place after the next episode.
  • This is the fourth time a charecters name is in the title.