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The Students Return: Max Vs Brian

Episodes Named After Brian

Farewell Brian

Brian Returns To Cunningham; The School Of Fun

The Students Return: Max Vs Brian

Brian is the main antagonist of the second and third seasons. Brian was originally a main cast member but was written out so he could be in a spin-off titled Brian. The series crossed with Cunningham in Brian Returns To Cunningham; The School Of Fun. Brian returned in School Of The Future as the primary antagonist. He would also co-star in the special: Cunningham Goes Hollywood. He returns in Back To The Future as an antagonist along with Sean who both cross the line between main antagonist but each are secondary at times. Brian appears in the end of the first part of Fired! hinted at his plans for world domination that would later be carried out in the reunion special The Students Return: Max Vs Brian. Brian travels to Italy along with the gang secretly and plans to mind-control them all.