Back To The Future
Genre Action, Fantasy comedy-drama
Directed by Sean Breslin
Produced by Sean Breslin
Written by Sean Breslin







Editing by Sean Breslin
Code 325-327
Language English
Original channel Cunningham




The Freakiest Day Of School

Running time Triple Length

Back To The Future is the 20th episode of the season and 45th episode of the series. The episode is a triple length special and sequel to School Of The Future. The episode revolves around Max, Steven, Jordan and Nicoole fighting for the fate of the past, present and future against Sean and Brian who have teamed up to destroy them all. Sean is the main anatgonist of the special and Brian is a secondary anatgonist. The episode is a continuation of After The KissSchool Of The Future Parts 1-2 and Sean Vs Max.


Sean wants to be friends with Max and Steven again so he travels to the future to change everything. He runs into Future Brian again and Brian has the time machine he needs. Sean is forced to capture Sabryna, Olivia, Melissa and Emily and put them in a closet that will burn them all. Now Sean is mind controlled and take Jordan hostage. Now the gang must save her and defeat the two.


  • This is the first of two sequels to School Of The Future.
  • This is followed by The Students Return: Max Vs Brian the reunion special after the series finale.
  • Max, Steven, Sean, Steven, Jordan and Brian are the main cast of the special.
  • This is the first episode to air after the Jordeve story arc.
  • This is the 4th extended special. It is the second film of the series.
  • Sean is the main anatgonist of the special.
  • Brian is the secondary antagonist.